What is PFAS and why Ms Fierce will NEVER use it in our products

What is PFAS and why Ms Fierce will NEVER use it in our products

What is PFAS and why Ms Fierce will NEVER use it in our products

Here at Ms Fierce we are committed to ensuring our products are safe and healthy, both for you and the environment.

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Our products are tried and tested EVERY step of the way before we put them to market. We don't, and never will put PFAS or other known harmful chemicals in our period proof swimwear for teens and tweens. 

What is PFSA and why do these harmful chemicals ever make it into period proof swimwear and underwear?

PFAS, short for polyfluoroalkyl substances, are known as ‘forever’ chemicals and are a family of potentially thousands of synthetic chemicals that are extremely persistent in our environments and bodies. 

Without going into too much science, these chemicals are identified by their signature elemental bonds which are furiously strong making it difficult to disintegrate which can be appealing to companies who make period proof underwear and swimwear due to the stain and water resistant coating it applies.

PFAS have been used in various industries because of their ability to repel oil and water. They've been used since the 1940's and can be found in teflon non stick pans and products, paints, cleaning products and sometimes food packaging just to name a few. 

With that said, it is clear that this chemical may be unavoidable in your home and the environment, but you should definitely not be purchasing clothing with it present. 

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There is a growing body of scientific evidence stacking up on the potential adverse health implications associated with PFAS exposure which is one of the reasons Ms. Fierce will never incorporate it into their products, the other is...why do we need to? 

We are very passionate about her health as well as the environment, so we approach the design of our products with that in mind, every.single.time.
Our period proof swimwear has a discreet inbuilt feature of three layers and is made using natural fabrics. The layers have been designed to absorb period blood (not resist it), while preventing side, back and front leakage. Your Ms. Fierce swimwear can be worn without menstruation products and can absorb the equivalent of two tampons.
Period blood will not stain however care instructions should be followed when washing which can be found on our website here.
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We hope this article gives you peace of mind that we are always making the right choices and keeping up to date with research when it comes to our products and design.