Louisa Williams Ms Fierce


Although Mila is yet to have her first period, she is curious and we have always had open conversations about them and what to expect. Mila is the one who gave me the idea of designing stylish, comfortable and period safe swimwear and here is how it happened...

We were on a family holiday and Mila wanted me to swim with her. I told her that I couldn't on that day because I had my period. She thought about it for a while and then asked, "When I get my period will I have to wear a tampon in the pool?"
I immediately thought back to my teenage years and recalled that I did not wear tampons until my 20's (and still dislike them, I much prefer period underwear). 
So I replied with "They will have invented something for you by then, so you won't have to". 
My Entrepreneurial brain started working overtime.
I again thought back to my teenage years and recalled that I would not swim or wear swimwear when it was "that time of month". I would just watch from the sidelines and miss out, whether it be school swimming carnivals, the beach or local pool with friends or on family holidays. 
Females should not have to miss out on such a simple pleasure - we do enough missing out during pregnancy and beyond (wine, cheese, wine...an exhaustive list really). 
As a longtime advocate of period underwear, I thought that period proof swimwear in trendy designs would be the perfect solution for her (and all tweens and teens) and would ensure that she could do whatever her friends were doing, every day of every month. 
So, that very same day, I made the decision to start a swimwear line for young women like Mila, that would empower them and give them the confidence to wear swimwear whenever they wanted or needed to. 
Ms Fierce was in motion. 


What is Ms Fierce Swimwear?

Ms. Fierce swimwear has discreet triple-layered technology, making it leak and odour proof, giving young women the confidence to wear swimwear every day of every month. 

The designs and fabric are so impressive, that she'll want to wear them even when it's not that time of the month....and when it is, she will be confident, comfortable and carefree and never have to miss out...because anything that he can do, she can do! 


The Environment

Ms Fierce swimwear is helpful for the environment.  

Women in Australia alone go through 500 million pads yearly.

The average Australian woman disposes of 10,000 to 12,000 used sanitary products in their lifetime. Add to that the fact that synthetic pads and tampons can take around 500 to 800 years to biodegrade.

Pads and tampons are responsible for about 200,000 tonnes of waste per year – most of which contains plastic.

Bring on the reusable solutions!