1. What Makes Ms. Fierce Swimwear Unique?

Ms. Fierce swimwear combines style with innovative tech, featuring a discreet three-layer design for period protection. It's perfect for anyone, especially teens new to menstrual products or those concerned about environmental impact. It's also ideal for pre-menstrual teens, preparing them for an easy transition. With Ms. Fierce, she can be confident and carefree every day, every month.

2. How Does Ms. Fierce Swimwear Function?

Our swimwear incorporates a triple-layered crotch section that absorbs period blood without swelling in water. This design effectively prevents leakage in all directions, ensuring confidence and comfort.


3. Will the Swimwear Stain from Period Blood?

Absolutely not! Our triple-layered technology guards against stains and odours. The lavender and teal swimmers have a black lined crotch. 

4. Absorption Capacity of Ms. Fierce Swimwear?

Our swimwear can absorb the equivalent of two tampons, more than sufficient for most periods, ensuring a leak-free experience.

5. Does the Swimwear Smell During Periods?

No, there's no odour specific to periods. Just make sure to dry the swimwear within 10 hours post-wash to prevent any mildew smell.

6. Can Ms. Fierce Swimwear Be Worn on Non-Period Days?

Yes! Our swimwear is designed for comfort and style, making it great for everyday wear.

7. Can I Use Sanitary Products With Ms. Fierce Swimwear?

Certainly. If you're easing into the 'leak-free' experience, feel free to use sanitary products alongside our swimwear.

8. What Size Should I Choose?

Refer to our sizing guide for accurate measurements. Our swimwear has some stretch, so order your regular size. For the Ella long-sleeved surf suit, consider upsizing.

9. What if the Swimwear Doesn't Fit?

You can exchange it as long as the protection sticker is intact and it's in its original condition (unworn).

10. How Should I Care for My Ms. Fierce Swimwear?

First, hand wash under cold water until clear, then machine wash in a Ms Fierce wash bag. Avoid fabric softeners to maintain absorbency. Dry in shade or use a low heat tumble dry.

11. My Swimwear fabric texture is different in some areas, is this normal?

Initially, you might notice a subtle texture in the fabric – this is simply a sign of its brand-new condition. Rest assured, after the first wash, the fabric smoothens out, revealing its true, flawless beauty. 

12. What Are the Shipping Times?

  • Regular Post: 3-9 business days, plus order processing time.
  • Express Post: 1-3 business days, plus order processing time.
  • International Orders: Up to 20 business days; Express option available.