Swimming on your period

Swimming on your period

Swimming on your period

Whether you're waiting on your first period or you have been menstruating for a while now, there will undoubtingly come a time when you wake up with your period on a day you planned on participating in your local swim meet or your schools swimming carnival. This has happened to many before you and will happen to many after, and unfortunately a pad simply won't do! 
Ms Fierce Competitive Style period proof swimwear
Firstly it is important to note that going swimming on your period is not a problem, in fact it is a great way to relieve menstrual cramps and get some exercise on those days you don't really feel like exerting yourself in other ways. Swimming, competitively or not is also such a fun way to spend time with friends and family so you should never let your period stop you swimming. Hellooooo endorphins!! ;-) 
Ms Fierce Period Proof Swimwear competition
So how should you prepare for days in the pool? 
As mentioned above... pads are a no no! Take our word for it! 
Pads are obviously made from an absorbent material which is great when we need them to absorb our monthly bleed but what we don't want them doing is absorbing pool or ocean water because as you can imagine, our one pad cannot hold all of that water so it will eventually (and quite quickly) stop absorbing and become very swollen. 

THEN... to make matters worse the adhesive sticky part of the pad that you use to stick to your underwear will wash off, causing your pad to lose its stick and become dislodged... not what you want in the pool, so leave your pad in the changeroom with your underwear when you get changed. 

Tampons and menstrual cups can be a great option however many teens (and rightly so) are not comfortable using them just yet. Tampons can be hard to navigate and take some getting use to. We don't recommend using them for the first time, or even first few times on the day you are attending a swimming event. Their is room for error and it should not be something you are worried about or focused on when you are wanting to show up competitively or to have fun. 
Ms Fierce Period Proof Swimwear Tampon Teenage Girl
By this stage you might be wondering.... well what can I use? That is where we come in! 

Ms. Fierce offers a range of period proof swimwear for days by the pool or beach. Ms. Fierce is designed for teens and tweens and we aim to empower those young women to be fiercely confident, every day of the month! All of our swimwear has discreet triple-layered technology, making it leak and odour proof and can be confidently worn every day of the month. 
We are more than excited to announce a new swimwear piece to the family, our FIERCE COMPETITOR 

The Fierce Competitor is designed beautifully and sleek to flatter all body shapes and help you glide through the water, all without worrying about a pad or tampon at all. YES... that's right, you don't have to wear any menstruation products with our swimwear.

The Fierce Competitor was designed with competitive swimmers in mind. Whilst we love all of our amazing swimwear pieces, we wanted something that was going to help keep teens and tweens in the water for their swimming carnivals and competitions, despite it being that time of the month. Something that oozes style, confidence, effectiveness and professionalism. 

With that said, the Fierce Competitor can be enjoyed by all teens, all month long regardless of what water event you have planned. We are SO in love and hope you are too!! 

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Ms Fierce Competitive Style Period Proof Swimwear
Ms Fierce Period Proof Swimwear
Ms Fierce Period Proof Swimwear