Quick and Easy tips to Having a Healthy Period

Quick and Easy tips to Having a Healthy Period

Quick and Easy tips to Having a Healthy Period

Between the ages of 12 and 52, a woman will have around 480 periods, fewer if there are pregnancies.

You are probably thinking, 480 sounds like a lot, because it is, but there are ways to ensure you have a healthy period and can avoid discomfort during that week.

With the average age of your first period growing (now between 10-15), you and your daughter need to care for your bodies all year round, with extra special care taken during your menstrual period.

Here are some easy-to-follow tips to ensure you have a healthy period

  • Stick to a healthy diet, avoiding excess salt. 

Drink lots of water and incorporate foods such as green leafy vegetables, fresh fruit, turmeric-spiced food or beverages for inflammation, and of course, some antioxidant-enriched dark chocolate. This is not going to be attainable for every meal during your period, but where you can, choose foods that will make you feel good and reduce any further hormone or blood sugar imbalances.

Ms Fierce Healthy Food During Period
  • Reduce your caffeine intake  

According to the Mayo Clinic, teenagers should not be consuming over 100mg of caffeine a day so try to stick well under this limit during your period to ensure your hormones are not being compromised further. I know this can be tough when you are tired after a restless period night (ugh) but you will feel better for it. Opt for a herbal tea, hot chocolate or a banana smoothie with added greens, all have been known to reduce painful period cramps! 

Ms Fierce Period Pain Drink
  • Ensure you have a restorative sleep cycle. 

Try logging off your screens 30-60 minutes before bed and reading a book or spending some time doing some deep belly breathing to reduce cortisol and prepare your body for rest. The blue light from phones or iPad's can be harmful to you and or your daughters eyes via increased stimulation and reduced melatonin production (the sleep hormone). 

  • Regular exercise and movement  

It is important to listen to your body however movement is key all month long. Sometimes that might be as restorative as a short work or some yoga stretches in your loungeroom while other times you might sign up for a after school boot camp or high intense dance class. We all know the pain that comes with a period and by releasing endorphins through exercise you can actually reduce the perception of pain while also increasing your blood circulation. I don't know about you but more often than not I will completely forget about my cramps for the duration of my workout and for some time after too! 

Ms Fierce Teen Exercise during period
  • Reduce stress and anxiety through mindfulness  

Find whatever it is that relaxes you and focus on that practice. Everyone is different and that is ok. Grab your bestie and go for a slow beach walk or stretching in the park? Meditate? Dance around your room to your favorite song (really loud!!!). Mindfulness doesn't have to be sitting on your floor cushion in complete silence. The importance of feeling calm is far greater than the activity that helps you get there.

Ms Fierce Mindfulness Tip for Period



So, whilst you won't enjoy all 480 or so periods, hopefully with these tips they can be a bit more bearable and you tick other health goals along the way.